We have a beautiful, well-equipped playground for the children, where they play daily during their break time. There are slides, swings, see saws, rocking boats and a jungle gym. The playground floor is padded with rubber shavings, so that the children do not get hurt easily. These rubber shavings have a twofold advantage: they do not produce dust during the dry season, and do not flood or form puddles during the rainy season, unlike sand.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is modern and well-equipped, with the latest learning software for today’s child. We have an expert trainer who instructs the children during their computer lesson once a week.


We have a big, beautiful, well-stocked library which our children use once a week. The older children also get to take a book home to read every week. Our E-learning sessions also take place here.

Daily Break

You do not need to send your child with snacks to school; children are provided with a snack and milk at around 10.00 am daily. We have a break menu which you can request to see when you visit the school.

Hot Lunch

We have a sumptuous lunch menu, which includes a main dish as well as dessert. All our meals are cooked in school using the purest and best of ingredients, in order to ensure that your child stays happy and healthy.


Exercise books, drawing books, worksheets, pencils, paint, crayons, colour pencils and all other stationery are provided.

Sleeping Time

All the full day children get to sleep for an hour after lunch in our designated sleeping areas.

Afternoon Session

Extra tuition (if required), Classes based on curriculum, Art and Craft, Montessori activity, etc. from 2.00pm to 3.15pm.


This is a personalised service. It includes door-to-door picking in the morning and dropping at lunch time or in the afternoon. We ensure that each child is handed over to a responsible person at dropping time.

Madrassah Classes

We have a qualified Madrassah teacher who teaches the Muslim children daily. A progress report is given to the child at the end of each term.