Admission FAQs

What does it mean that LHK is an “authentic” Montessori School?

All aspects of our school’s education and operations are designed to be respectful of children and to fulfill children’s needs for holistic development. All of our teachers are well trained. Our classrooms have all of the well developed Montessori materials, and we allow children ample opportunity for uninterrupted concentration.

Are the benefits of Montessori education long term?

Yes, children at LHK develop a great love for learning, and they are focused. LHK graduates go on to prestigious schools and careers; many graduates attribute their success to their time at LHK, where they developed the curiosity, solid work habits and collaboration skills that last a lifetime.

What will I see when I visit the school?

When you visit, you will have an opportunity to tour our campus and see children at work and play throughout the school. The teacher is not at the front of the room, but rather moves throughout the room, giving lessons to individual children or small groups. Independent and collaborative work creates a busy hum of activity as children engage in a variety of different activities, each of which is designed to build a specific skill.

What opportunities are there to get involved and contribute to the school?

LHK benefits from the involvement and support of the parent community, and there are many opportunities for parents to contribute. These include helping with purposeful field trips for the elementary students, assisting teachers with making materials etc.

Is there a hot lunch program available at LHK?

Yes, LHK has a catered lunch program available. This lunch is available every school day. The lunches are tasty and healthy, and are prepared as part of a “farm to school” philosophy, using largely locally grown food. Vegetarian options are available. Contact the school for more information.

Further queries

Please feel free to contact us using details on the contact us page.