Taking forward the legacy of nurturing future-ready citizens

Incorporated with Kindergarten and Montessori methodologies that touch on a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development.

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Building character and empowering each individual

We provide a variety of co-curricular activities, run by professional trainers and staff. These activities are designed to help a child grow and definitely to give them a fun time at school!

We have a modern, well-equipped Computer Laboratory with the latest learning software for the children. Children supplement their classroom learning here, and a syllabus is followed.

We take our children to College of Insurance once a week for their swimming lessons, where they are trained by qualified instructors.

A qualified Martial Arts instructor conducts weekly classes within the school premises. A Martial Arts uniform has to be purchased separately from the school office for this activity. A progress report is given to the child at the end of each term.

A qualified teacher conducts weekly classes within the premises. The children get to explore their artistic talents with this activity. It is amazing what young, creative minds can come up with! A progress report is given to the child at the end of each term.

Not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, but also connect them to the outside community at large from early years. Field trips and excursions throughout the academic year help them learn in new environments, and enable them to apply their classroom knowledge. Visits to zoos, nature centers, fire stations and museums are popular field trip sites.

Skating at Little Hearts Kindergarten is an optional activity teaching the basic fundamentals of the sport of roller skating. Learning to skate develops confidence, self discipline and personal responsibility. Skating also improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. The best part, however, is how much fun we have in a safe yet exciting environment. Our coaches inspire the potential within you to surpass limitations and achieve success.