Frequently Asked Questions

Taking forward the legacy of nurturing future-ready citizens

Incorporated with Kindergarten and Montessori methodologies that touch on a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development.

Admission forms

Designed with plenty of play area, child-friendly equipment, and bright coloured learning aids

Hands on experience for the last two decades

Highly qualified teachers and care-givers work together with parents to give children a memorable early childhood experience which enables them to enter formal schooling as confident, curious and independent learners.

Through this collaborative approach, parents feel welcome, respected and valued as active partners in their child’s learning experiences.

All aspects of our school’s education and operations are designed to be respectful of children and to fulfill children’s needs for holistic development. All of our teachers are well trained. Our classrooms have all of the well developed Montessori materials, and we allow children ample opportunity for uninterrupted concentration.

Yes, LHK has a catered lunch program available. This lunch is available every school day. The lunches are tasty and healthy, and are prepared as part of a “farm to school” philosophy, using largely locally grown food. Vegetarian options are available. Contact the school for more information.